Clear View Nestable Plastic Shelf Bins

content writing serviceQuantum Clear View Nestable Plastic Shelf Bins are used to organize efficiently and store tiny parts, products, fasteners and work supplies.

Reusable Quantum Clear View Nestable Shelf Bins are produced from an FDA approved virgin high density tri-clear polypropylene material for long life in service and lasting reliability. The reusable plastic bins allow you to keep all stored contents organized and easily viewable from the outside.

Constructed from:

  • FDA approved, virgin high density polypropylene.


  • Nestable plastic shelf bins are waterproof.
  • Reusable clear shelf bins are nestable when empty.
  • Nestable clear shelf bins are sold in heights of 4” or 8”.
  • Plastic bins are available in depths of 11-5/8”, 17-7/8” or 23-5/8”.
  • Bin widths include 2-3/4”, 4-1/8”, 4-3/8”, 6-5/8”, 8-3/8” or 11-1/8”.
  • Clear view shelf bins are designed to resist chemicals, grease and oil.
  • Reinforced plastic ribs add strength to the nestable shelf bin structure.
  • Plastic bin models include a wide hopper front for speedy access to contents.
  • Slotted label holders are included on all plastic shelf bins to facilitate fast identification.
  • Quantum Clear View plastic shelf bins are sold in quantities of 6, 8, 10, 16, 20, 30 or 36.
  • Nestable plastic shelf bins are built for use on 12”, 18” and 24” deep shelving units and racks.
  • Clear view nestable bins are capable of withstanding temperatures ranging up to 250° Fahrenheit.

Please note:

  • Prices listed below.

Reasons to choose Clear View Nestable Plastic Shelf Bins:

  • Virgin high density polypropylene.
  • Clear plastic shelf bins are waterproof.
  • Shelf bins are designed to nest when empty.
  • Nestable plastic shelf bins are designed to resist chemicals, grease and oil.
  • Reusable shelf bins are designed to withstand temperatures ranging up to 250° Fahrenheit.

Online Reputation Repair

reputation repairYou likely have experienced the damaging effects of people gossiping about you.  If you have not, you can consider yourself fortunate.  Gossiping online is a popular way for people to spend their time, and will spread like a virus until the reputation of one person or business is seriously damaged.

Perhaps you have been the focus of gossip, and your reputation has been hurt.  Maybe you have made some bad choices, allowing the gossipers to use them as ammunition against you.  A customer may be sharing outright lies about you, trying to hurt your business over perceived poor service.  You may feel like there is not a chance to counteract the horrible things that are being said and posted but, trust us, it will be possible for you to repair your reputation.  Here are some ideas one where to start, just keep in mind that you will want to call It Takes a Geek sooner rather than later.

  • Ignore the negative:

    It is important to stop reading all of the bad things that are being posted about you on sites like Ripoff Report.  The filings will only bring you down, and leave you feeling that reputation repair may be impossible.

  • Figure out the public face for your company, while reputation repair commences:

    While you are waiting for It Takes a Geek to review your online predicament and explain the best course of action for reputation repair, it will pay to take stock of your customer care procedures. You need to determine if this is how you want people to see your company.

  • Consult with a trusted associate about the public face of your company:

    Talk to a trusted associate about the things that need to be changed in your company, and listen to his or her advice about how you can shape reputation repair to impact positively future business dealings.

  • If mistakes are the reason that you need reputation repair, BE HONEST with the world:

    If the source of gossip and bad reviews is rooted in reality, let your customers know what is true and what you intend to change.  As reputation repair is underway, go above and beyond the call of duty to prove your intentions.

  • Realistically determine if a specific type of client has forced the need for reputation repair:

    If a specific type of customer or client is resulting in the majority of Ripoff Report claims filed against you, determine if you need to reconfigure your approach toward sales.  Determine if the sales staff is in need of additional training, or if the product is really even right for the market.

No matter what you do to work on reputation repair on your own, do not ever try to turn your company into something it is not.  Be true to your vision, be honest and allow It Takes a Geek to start the reputation repair process.  Call our team at 727.373.9953 to schedule a free consultation regarding your own needs for reputation repair.

How do I remove bad web reviews?

reputation repairMore than a year ago, as a favor to a business associate, I did a review of an online business providing a unique product to a market hungry for innovation.  During our initial discussion of the company, it was explained that I should not be surprised to find negative Google entries indexed before the website for the business.  An unusual business name and running to market without a clear customer care policy left the business with a big reputation problem to battle.

What can you do if your online reputation has been damaged, either by your own mistakes or the hands of other people?  Here are a few strategies that can be applied to both businesses and individuals.

  • If you have a problematic past, be it with a mugshot on the web or a customer care policy at work, let any person who may be Googling you know what is out there.  You need to break the news, explain facts that are associated with the Google results and provide your proactive plan for combatting the negative online information.  Make sure that you avoid lying about the facts.
  • If there is a mistake that you are responsible for, it pays to be willing to take your lumps and confess any participation and apologize.  It does not pay to allow your pride a role in the events because it will make you look oblivious and potentially angry if you are not careful.
  • If you have posted something that is questionable to a social media account, you need to remove it fast!  When questionable content appears on the social media account of a friend, or on another website, you can ask politely if they will remove the material.  There is no guarantee that they will pull a risqué story from the web, but a reputation repair plan can approach any remaining articles with the production of a series of new positive articles.
  • The most reliable way to overcome negative information that is plastered on the web is to work with the team at It Takes a Geek to create unique content to drive the bad stuff down in search engine rankings.  Even your worst enemy will stop his or her Google search at page eight while potential clients and employers will tend to stop their search at page three of Google.  Creating a robust content creation approach will guarantee that the top results will be the results that you want people to see.  Google loves videos, and will rank them highly.  A traditional blog, if the team from It Takes a Geek updates it frequently, is also very friendly to the search engines.  Creating accounts on social media platforms also helps, because social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are viewed as credible by all search sites.  The team from It Takes a Geek also highly recommends that you pay attention to the power of the press and trust us when we are willing to publish even a minor accomplishment as a press release.

In an era in which anyone can post both true and false information about you on the web, it can feel like it is impossible to recover your good name.  It is not impossible, you just need to be willing to put a little time in on your own and contract with the team from It Takes a Geek.  Our writers are prepared to aggressively flood the internet with positive press releases and blogs, thereby pushing questionable results to the recesses of Google!

Weight loss goals in 2015.

NYE weight lossHave you resolved to meet specific weight loss goals in 2015? If improved habits and achieving a healthy weight are amongst your resolutions, give yourself a round of applause for making your health and wellness a priority in 2015. Now comes the rough part, sticking to the plan! Here are some tips to keep you on the path to meeting and exceeding all of your goals:

The write stuff:

To-do lists, Facebook status updates, journal entries, tweets and grocery lists already help keep you on track with your day; this means it should not hurt to add your 2015 resolutions into the melee. Take the time to think all your goals, get them on one piece of paper and then rewrite all individuals goals as a contract to yourself. For example, one goal may be to really find out how much weight you need to lose and the status of your health as a whole; all you need to do is write down that you need to seek a weight loss consultation and then put a signed version of the resolution somewhere that it will not be missed. Put all contracts in locations that will remind you of the resolutions you have made to improve your life. A written boost will help you when motivation attempts to run away.

Dates matter:

If you indicate that you are going to meet a goal during 2015, as a whole, it is a resolution that is too open-ended. Knowing you do not have a deadline makes it possible for you to fall into the “I can call to set an appointment for my free consultation next week” trap. Make the decision to make your calendar for specific goals you would like to meet. Begin with a simple goal, like contacting our office at 312-360-1604 by January 15th to discuss your options and health. Setting a timeline will remind you that you can pace your health and wellness goal rather than doing too much too quickly.

Be realistic:

Nothing puts you in danger of failure more than setting goals that are unrealistic. If you promise to lose 20 lb. in a month, without the assistance of the professionals from Options Medical Weight Loss you will become upset and discouraged if you do not meet your goals. It took the majority of us years to gain the excess weight. It is necessary to understand it can take the intervention of a professional and a program like our HCG Diet to help kick-start your weight loss.

Sell yourself quickly with a well-written CV.

hire meThere is no way around it; your CV is a sales document. Instead of the title “Curriculum Vitae” or “CV” appearing at the top, you need to think in terms of “This is Why You Need to Hire Me” and determine how it should appear. There is no point in just building a list of previous duties and individual responsibilities; you will never get hired on only the things you have done. You will be hired due to what you managed to achieve within those responsibilities and duties, and how you can use them as he foundation for future success and deliver in your next job.

Your entire CV should be your battle cry; your “Just See Me” moment. It may be an invitation to an open door; the thing gets you an interview, but when you are in front of a hiring manager, your CV needs the strength to stand on its own. Written appropriately, it can set the tone for any interview, manage expectations and allow you to focus on your strengths.

When you build your CV, it is important to keep these four questions in mind:

What are my greatest accomplishments?

Completely forget the CV format for a moment; just grab your phablet and take fifteen minutes to think of five or six accomplishments in the last year that have meant something to you. These can be achievements that bettered the community, forced you to try something new and unexpected, changed internal procedures at your employer or achievements that taught you how to manage people. No matter the accomplishments you choose, they need to be measurable triumphs that will give anyone reading your CV an idea as to how you will be able to effectively accomplish goals.

Is there anywhere I have added value and made a difference?

Too many people draft a CV that reflects a list of duties and responsibilities that look like they have been pulled from the job description and pasted into the CV. The document needs to be brought to life; it needs meaning and substance, so that it allows anyone reading it to see what you have done that has really made a difference where you work. This does not mean it needs be a shift of tectonic plates; it can be something that added efficiency to a process that was already in place.

How are your skills and experience a good match for the objective?

Do you feel the skills and experience you currently possess match the posted job description? Do you possess the skills and experience necessary to take-on the job? Job descriptions are lengthy and in-depth, but you do not want to go into too much detail answering this question. The best strategy is for a job applicant to select a handful of areas in which the match is good and briefly expand on each in turn, explaining why you are a good match for the employer’s needs.

What matters most to me about my current job?

Most candidates will list their biggest duty under their current job title, typically regarding management of people or a major project. Whatever makes the top of the list is often an achievement you find great satisfaction in, but you need to determine if it is relevant to the new role you want. There is no point in listing client retention as your major responsibility if you are not applying for a role with direct client contact and management.

Do your social media profiles match the information on your CV?

Remember back in 2010, when all a job seeker needed was a CV, cover letter and a business card of some type? It used to be fairly simple to keep track of what you had written and to whom it was sent. Now it is becoming normal to create multiple online profiles for yourself through social media. A potential employer then has the chance to look for you on platforms like Twitter, in addition to a standard CV. While this gives you a lot of extra exposure, it also leaves the door open for making errors. You need to take care that anything you write about yourself remains similar across the platforms.

  • Use your name in a consistent way.
  • If you use different photos, make sure that each photo resembles the other.
  • Show consistency with titles and dates of employment.
  • Do not vary your info about key achievements or skills from one profile to another.

Why do I need to read this CV?

The last question is not for the person looking for a job, but the person who is reading the accomplishments and skills detailed in the CV. They have an open position to fill, and your CV has hit their desk, whether from your hand or another party. Why should they read it? How do your skills fit what they want? If they need to search for the clues and puzzle it out, then the chances are good that they will move on to the next CV in their email in-box.

Steel Safety Storage Chest Product Description.

Steel Safety Storage Chests from Justrite®

Steel Storage Chests are often used for job site storage.

Safety Storage Chests from Justrite® are manufactured from 16 gauge all-welded steel for secure, strong and lasting protection.

Constructed from:

  • Durable, 16 gauge all-welded steel.


  • 5 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Storage chests ship assembled.
  • The storage chests boast a UV protected powder coat finish.
  • Available chests measure 24” wide x 31-1/8” deep x 48” high.
  • A secure interior storage tray in the chest safely holds smaller items.
  • Durable 12 gauge skids allow use of a forklift to move the storage chest.
  • The durable 12 gauge skids are also pre-drilled for 5” swivel and locking casters.
  • A 1/4” thick tang interlocks with the recessed padlock handle on the storage chest.
  • Storage chests for the job site typically exceed the requirements put in place by the NFPA and OSHA.

Please note:

  • Prices listed below.
  • Dimensions will vary per safety storage chest model.

Reasons to choose Safety Storage Chests:

  • Durable 16 gauge all-welded steel.
  • Chests carry a durable UV protected powder coat finish.
  • Chests meet the requirements put in place by the NFPA and OSHA.

Law group blog covers unusual court decisions.

justice scales press releaseThe [name removed] Law Group recently issued the first in a series informational articles discussing an unusual case of fraud. U.S. v. Sandlin involves a situation in which James Sandlin acknowledged more debt than he chose to list on his loan application, to the tune of $1 million. The undisclosed debt was, in fact, associated with the property pledged to the bank as collateral.

[Name removed] explained that the bank suffered no loss, but Sandlin was convicted of two counts of fraud in the case. The Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit recently affirmed his conviction for bank fraud, stating Sandlin did intend commit fraud. The court had no concern regarding the bank’s disinterest with the fraudulent loan paperwork and the use of property for which he was paying as collateral. It gives the impression of being highly unusual.

The article series is intended to provide readers across Tampa with a credible review of unusual court decisions or topics in the media. Staff from the [name removed] Law Group wants people to feel comfortable with topics running the gamut from iPhone 6 security to the role good counsel could have played in a case like that of Susan Mellen case.

About the [name removed] Law Group:

The [name removed] Law Group is located at 1881 West Kennedy Blvd. in Tampa, Florida. The law office is capable of providing representation for individuals faced with multitudes of allegations and potential wrongdoing. Tampa Bay residents in need of legal counsel can find the [name removed] Law Group online by vising http://www.[name removed].com. Their vow is that your case will be treated with the same care and respect [name removed] would expect for his friends and family. The [name removed] Group handles cases with competence, care and an untiring ethic.