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“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all.” – Emily Dickinson

It was once easy to dismiss Ice Bucket Challenge videos like the entry from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star Gal Gadot that are littering our Twitter and Facebook feeds as an example of slacktivism, the idea that a like or share has equal value to a charitable act. In quite a few cases, it’s vanity disguised as a crusade to better the world. But the fact of it is that the Ice Bucket Challenge, an ongoing fundraiser for the ALS Association, is doing a lot of good.

Through Wednesday, the charity has received $31.5 million in donations since the chilling challenge began to take off like wildfire around July 29th. Compare the current total with the $1.9 million donated between July 29, 2013 and August 20, 2013, and it’s crystal clear that a bunch of well-intentioned people like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder dousing themselves with icy water on camera is a genius viral fundraising campaign.

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Image ctsy of Ben Affleck Facebook Page.

It’s impossible to hit refresh on either your Facebook newsfeed or Twitter timeline lately without a new Ice Bucket Challenge video appearing. You might feel like if you’ve seen Chris Pratt complaining about the cold in a wet tee-shirt, there isn’t much left to see when it comes to these videos, but then you come across a delightful Ice Bucket Challenge video like the entry from the new Batman, Ben Affleck. It’s clear to anyone that Affleck’s video involved his children in off-screen roles, laughing at the scene unfolding between their mom and dad in a video that clocks in at under sixty seconds.

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Finding a Job in Tampa

Are you planning to move to Tampa, Florida? You need to initiate the job search process before tampa florida blogsyou arrive in the city.

There are countless reasons many will find themselves searching for a job in a city like Tampa. You may be making a move so you are closer to family, following a significant other who is being transferred for a promotion or you may just want a fresh start. No matter the reason for the move, starting a new job in new surroundings can breathe life into a stagnant career, but you will be filled with anxiety too.

If you are moving before you have secured a job in Tampa, you should get your plan prepared before you hit the road.

Here are several ideas that will better your prospects for landing any one of the great jobs available in your field.

Begin by researching the particular section of Tampa to which you place to call home. Review local publications, visit the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce website, check out community internet sites and scour the area for additional published articles that offer pertinent facts about the business market or on your particular field.

Use a local network to link you to contacts in Tampa. This can be a quick way for you to build and grow contacts speedily. It can be detrimental to focus only on contracts within your industry, so do not disregard contacts who are employed in industries unrelated to your own. Your job is to just build as many contacts in your new home city as you can during the preparation phase.

Networking between Minneapolis and Tampa can actually be easier in a lot of ways than attempting to do the same when you are moving furniture. It is easier because you are focused on your goal of gathering information. People also like to offer as much information as possible, especially if they are connected through a local contact.

Speak with a real estate agent, even if you do not intend to purchase a home within the next six months. By taking the time to a real estate agent, you will form an accurate picture of the costs associated with Tampa housing and it will give you a chance to talk about employers in the area. Begin with general questions, then gravitate toward the specific questions covering the top employers in Hillsborough County.

Looking for a job in any new city can benefit you by honing your skills as a listener. This time you spend searching will result in good discussions and opportunities. Just be certain you offer help to anyone who offers assistance in your job search.

Swap anxiety over relocation with a plan for success! The things you fear will typically not come to pass, and you will be shocked by the help you can get from local contacts and top-notch Tampa companies! Moving does not mean severing all old contacts, stay in touch and continue to build your network.


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Top Tampa Air Conditioning Specialist Announces Training Facility

Press Release SampleJustin Harrell, of Harrell Home Services, announced on Monday that the Tampa based Harrell Home Services purchased two new buildings. The goal for the additional 28,000 sq. ft. of space is to develop better trained technicians, and this results in faster service, improved customer service and reduced expenses to customers. Harrell Home Services gurus intend to build a state of the art training room and extra classrooms, in a training format no other local service provider can come close to matching.

Harrell explained, “We are completing this plan by building a state of the art training room and classrooms so that our techs can be taught, and shown in a real time environment, therefore, giving you access to the best and most qualified guys in the market.”

In addition to building classrooms and “real world learning” situations, Harrell Home Services will be improving its customer service by adding new software to its call system. The new computer program will cut your wait times on the phone, and result in a tech arriving at your home much sooner than your would have once expected. The Harrell team understands what it means to provide customers with the fastest service, and get their house cold again when there has been an unforeseen breakdown.

Harrell Home Services has been servicing homes in and around Tampa Bay for more than seven years. The company was founded by Justin Harrell. For additional information, please visit Harrell Home services online.

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PRP Treatment Capably Discussed by Dr. Lee Ann Brown

PRP Press Release SampleDr. Lee Ann Brown from Clearwater, Florida based SpinePain & Orthopedic Injury Center released an informational article covering the topic of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and its growing application in modern medical settings.  Dr. Brown explained that athletes use PRP therapy to return to the sports field after soft tissue injuries and damage to ligaments.  Their speedy return to the football field has caused a surge in popular knowledge about PRP as well as a real desire by the public to use the treatment.

Dr. Lee Ann Brown explained that PRP therapy is a wonderful option for people who have experienced little luck with treatments fit for Ripoff Report or Scam Informer.

Dr. Lee Ann Brown from Clearwater, Florida based SpinePain & Orthopedic Injury Center explained that people will frequently ask “What is Platelet Rich Plasma?”

PRP is a blood plasma with concentrated platelets.  Most people understand that platelets will typically help the human body stop bleeding.  In addition to this job, platelets also contain Growth Factors and Cytokines that will play a role in sparking and supporting healing of connective tissues and cartilage.  Growth Factors will increase the blood supply to injured tissues and promote tissue regeneration.

Dr. Lee Ann Brown from Clearwater, Florida based SpinePain & Orthopedic Injury Center explained that Platelet Rich Plasma can effectively be used to treat the following conditions:

Platelet Rich Plasma has great potential for treating tendon, ligament and muscle disorders and injuries in injured individuals.  There is evidence that PRP therapy may also provide some measure of help for patients who are in the early stages of degenerative arthritis.

SpinePain & Orthopedic Injury Center is a private medical practice that treats patients with spinal and orthopedic conditions or injuries. SpinePain has offices on both sides of Tampa Bay. The Pinellas County office is located at 28050 US HWY 19 Suite 100; Clearwater, FL 33761 and the Hillsborough County office is located at 4700 N Habana Avenue Suite 505; Tampa, FL 33614. SpinePain & Orthopedic Injury Center can be found online at http://www.210back.com.

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Formulating a Move


This is an excerpt from an upcoming article series developed for a current client. Please feel free to ask questions regarding our process, writing style and processing times. Note that the client name has been withheld to maintain the strict non-disclosure agreement we can put into effect.

Shell Germann

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Ordering durable plastic moving boxes from [******** ********* *********] is simple!

  • Based upon your specifications, and discussions with our representatives, we deliver our custom designed high-quality moving boxes to your door.
  • You can keep the boxes for a duration that fits your needs. This means you can start packing before boxes arrive, and then take your time unpacking after the move.
  • Your local moving company will appreciate everything you have accomplished on your own. You will have the boxes packed before they arrive; the boxes will all stack uniformly into the truck, and the proper use of space will save you cash.
  • When you have completed the unpacking, we will pick up the boxes and take them away for inspection and preparation for use by another family or company.

Reusable, clean, green and durable moving boxes sound like a fantastic idea, but I need you to answer some questions for me!reusable boxes


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Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

Can you tell us a little about common types of personal injury cases?

Each year there are very high numbers of personal injury cases filed in Tampa and Florida as a whole.  Most of these cases are based upon negligence which has caused unintentional injuries.  Common personal injury cases include:

  • Dog bites.
  • Injuries to children.
  • Slip and fall injuries.
  • Workers compensation.
  • Medical malpractice.
  • Car accident injuries.

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Rossi Construction Inc

Tampa Residential Remodeling Specialists: Construction Samples

Making a bathroom easily accessible to people with a disability can significantly improve their quality of life within the home.  The bathroom has specific challenges for those who use wheelchairs or walkers, as well as people with mobility issues.  Solving these problems with a remodel can help make the bathroom user-friendly and accessible for elderly or otherwise-abled members of the household.

Turning radius:

If you choose to modify the bathroom for a person who is using a wheelchair or a walker, make sure the doorway to your bathroom is large enough to comfortably allow a wheelchair to access.  This means expanding the door to 36” wide to accommodate enough space to turn the wheelchair around completely.  Remember that the turning radius for a wheelchair is typically 60” of clear space in the dead center of the bathroom.

Sink accessibility:

The sink in an accessible bathroom may mean a few different things.  In a bathroom used by a wheelchair user, the sink needs to open underneath to allow the wheelchair user to wheel straight up to it.  For someone using a walker for mobility, it may be necessary to raise the sink to 34” instead of 31”, so there is no need for the user to slump at the sink.  You will also want to have a general contractor install lever handles on the faucet, rather than the type of handle which require the additional leverage grasping requires.

Tub accessibility:

An accessible tub contains:

  • A door that is vacuum sealed when shut.
  • The door is opened to allow the user to enter and sealed before filling.
  • The tub must be fitted with grab bars to help the user to enter and exit safely.
  • The shower head should be handheld and moveable to allow for greater control.

Shower accessibility:

An accessible shower contains:

  • The shower must be roll-in, without a curb.
  • If there is a small curb, it should be fitted with a seat.
  • The shower must be fitted with grab bars to help with safe entrance and exit.
  • The shower head must be handheld and easily moved to allow for greater control.

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By Shell Germann

Rossi Construction Inc